SINCE 1964

Franco Foresti founded the company in 1964. A grandson of the famous Fendi sisters, Foresti hit the ground running with the impeccable style and taste that runs in the family. Franco Foresti spent years selecting the finest suppliers of quality yarns while always staying on the cutting edge of fashion by placing a large focus on design research. Through hard work and key decisions, Foresti fabrics became synonymous with Italian style and high class taste, sepa

rating itself from the many spools of fabric distributors. Today, the same reins true and it was only 15 years ago that the company became what it is now. The company is currently managed by Marco Foresti that combines experience and taste to guide the future stylish choices.

The Foresti Home Collection Group has been phenomenal at staying relevant by adapting to changing times without losing sight of its promise to capture “emotion, quality, and timeless elegance, respecting the Italian culture

Foresti Home Collection Group sponsored the Hotel Experience Design Master on “Innovative Design in Hospitality Spaces” by the Politecnico di Milano. Sponsoring Masters programs and contributing to the training of architects casts is an important goal for us.

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